A recent article on the BBC made us sit up. The headline reads ‘Most Wood Energy Schemes are a disaster for the environment’. As Rowlinson Packaging and the wider group is heavily involved in the timber market this gave us pause for thought. The article refers to a report that questions the benefits of producing wood pellets as an energy source and raises some very interesting questions. One of the most starling points is that the UK imports wood pellets from the USA to burn for energy. This does seem to go against environmental common sense. Rowlinson Packaging invested over £400k in equipment that converts all our wood waste (and our customers waste) into energy that runs our heat treatment kilns and heats the factories. The important point here is that this is waste wood produced by our saw mill not wooden pellets. Thankfully the BBC points out that the author of the report says ‘The use of saw mill waste should be encouraged – but the burning of pellets should be curtailed’.

You can read the article on the BBC website by following this link – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-39053678

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