It’s important to look after your produce after it’s been harvested. So much effort has been invested in planting, fertilising, watering, and harvesting, that improper storage resulting in loss of product is a waste of time and money. Wooden potato boxes from Rowlinson Packaging will help keep your produce in pristine condition.

How can proper storage make a difference?

Potatoes are sensitive to heat, light, and dampness. If an environment is too damp, potatoes can rot and spoil. If they are exposed to light, they can turn green, which can be toxic to ingest. Storage in a slatted box allows airflow through the potatoes, while blocking light.

What size of boxes do I need?

At Rowlinson Packaging, we stock sizes of 1.1 and 1.2 tonne, ready to ship. If you have other requirements, we can create bespoke solutions for you. From easy-to-manage smaller 1 tonne potato boxes, the medium sized 2 tonne potato boxes, right through to the large 3 tonne potato boxes, we can create a size specifically to suit your needs.

What other options are available?

We have local or imported Scandinavian timber options. There are options of varying slat sizes. All our wooden potato boxes for sale comply with BS7611 principles, and have nail plates and are bolted in four locations.

If you have any questions, or want to know if Rowlinson Packaging can create a solution for your potato, onion, or vegetable storage problem, simply give us a call and we will give you the benefit of our years of experience. We have quality potato boxes for sale and we want to help you find the best solution.