Regardless of if you want Potato boxes, Vegetable boxes, Log boxes or any other type of box we like to come and visit you and discuss exactly your requirements. This could be related to the box design, delivery sites, order volumes or lead times. We strongly believe that only when you meet face-to-face can you truly offer excellent service. Being in the heart of East Anglia and Cheshire we are local to the main English growing areas allowing us to give unrivalled service.

Types of Timber

Home Grown Timber

  • Cost effective
  • Faster growing
  • Wider annual rings
  • Produces lighter less dense timber
  • Shorter lifespan than Scandinavian timber

Scandinavian Timber (Imported)

  • More expensive timber
  • Slower growing
  • Tight annual rings
  • Heavy dense timber
  • Lasts the longest of all soft woods available