Onion Boxes

Whatever Your Requirement, We’re Your Ideal Crop Storage and Packaging Solutions Provider

All of our Onion boxes are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and take into account crop size, how the crops are handled and how they are to be stored. With the ever increasing technical nature of crop storage these are vital considerations to achieve success and we are available to offer advice on the design of crop storage boxes to get the best from your storage facility.

As there is not the standardisation on wooden onion crates that there are on other crop packaging solutions we are able to adapt our designs to meet your needs. We offer bespoke onion crates that will suit your particular requirements and storage needs. We can adopt existing designs e.g. New Zealand Crates so that the crop storage boxes compliment your existing stock.

Timber wooden onion boxes can be manufactured in home grown or imported timber or a mixture of timber and plywood. Plywood can be routed to provide air flow holes to suit the specific store. All of this work is undertaken at our Nantwich and Thetford sites.