British Standards

BS 7611:1992 Facts and Figures

Payloads in excess of 1,000Kg
All BS7611 designs are certified to a nominal 1,000Kg. While BS7611 does not allow the box to be marked to this load capacity, under BS7611 a total crop weight of 1150Kg is permitted. Please call us to discuss in more detail if this applies to you.

There are many new proposed revisions to BS 7611:1992. If you have any questions regarding design changes please call us to discuss.

How strong are the boxes?

Class Produce weight Stacking when full Design requirements
Class 8 1,000kg 8 Braced with wood diagonals or nail plates and sides made in 25mm min boards
Class 6 1,000Kg 6 Braced with wood diagonals or nail plates and sides made in 22mm min boards
Class 4 1,000Kg 4 May be unbraced if nails bending strength ISO Medium are used


Box dimensions

BS Size Code Length (mm) Width (mm) Max Height (mm)
A 1830 1220 1070
B 1830 1195 1070
C 1805 1195 1070
D 1525 1195 1220
E 1290 1280 1270
F 1270 1270 1270


Nail plate or Timber Diagonals

Both nail plates and timber diagonal braced boxes comply with BS7611. We have invested in machinery at both manufacturing site to fit nail plates so this has become our standard offering. We believe that using nail plates rather than diagonal battens gives the same performance more cost effectively. However we are still able to offer diagonal battens if that is your preference.